Directorate of Finance and Administration

  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Human Resources


Mandate of the Directorate of Finance and Administration is to provide support services to the regional council in executing its activities, programs and projects. These services include, provision and management of finance, provision and management of human resources, provision and management of administrative support, such as office space, vehicles, IT hardware and software, office equipment etc. constituency and settlement administration forms part of this directorate.

Its objectives are:

  • To ensure participatory socio-economic development and planning
  • To ensure optimal revenue collection
  • To ensure adequate and skilled human resources
  • To ensure all staff are equipped with ITC equipment
  • To enhance ICT infrastructure
  • To enhance service delivery

Directorate of Planning

  • Rural Services
  • Technical Services
  • Planning and Development

The purpose of the Directorate of Planning and Development Services is to advice, guide and assist the ||Kharas Regional Council on the initiation, planning, and research and development progress of the ||Kharas Region aspects, in accordance to the ||KRC mandate.

The objectives are stipulated as follows:

  • To provide advice to ||KRC and its stakeholders
  • To initiate development projects
  • To source funding for the establishment of Development projects
  • To guide the Region in terms of Development, by carrying out feasibility studies and
  • Comprehensive Business Plans
  • To identify Challenges and Opportunities for the Region
  • To provide recommendations and solutions to problems arising
  • To control, monitor and evaluate progress reports

The purpose is to create high and sustained economic growth, create employment opportunities for the region and increased income equality through NDP4 foundation issues such as Logistics, Tourism, Manufacturing and Agriculture by creating an industrial hub for the region.

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Mr. Benedictus Dierdaardt
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Ms. M. Uushunga
Deputy Director HR
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Ms. C. Apollus
Acting Deputy Director Finance
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Ms. E. Swartz
Deputy Director: Administration