Regional Planning

We will:
  • Continuously interpret and ensure implementation of Regional Development policy frameworks with relevant legislations;
  • Facilitate the development of the Council Strategic Plan three months prior to the expiry of the preceding Strategic Plan and according to approved framework;
  • Facilitate the development of the Council Annual Plan before the end of February every fiscal year according to approved frameworks
  • Facilitate the development of Performance Agreement prior to the first month of the next financial year;
  • Ensure performance review is done within two weeks after end of each quarter;
  • Facilitate quarterly RDCC and RACOC consultative meetings;
  • Facilitate training for RDCC;CDC; SDC; RACOC and CACOC; members within one month after appointment;
  • Monitor and evaluate activities of planned programmes/ projects monthly;
  • Compile monthly, quarterly and annual reports on regional planning activiti;
  • Continuously facilitate the execution of HIV and AIDS, and wellness programmes / activities,
  • Conduct supportive supervision visit to CACOCs on a quarterly basis;
  • Monitor and evaluate HIV/AIDs activities on quarterly basis.
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