Rural Services

We will:
Facilitate the:
  • Implementation of rural sanitation facilities in the Region after allocation by the Regional Procurement Committee (RPC) within a month;
  • Provision of materials and equipment’s to project beneficiaries and tailor made services aimed at improving condition of beneficiaries within two months from the date of approval application;
  • Implementation of One Region One Initiative (OROI);
  • Conduct project pre-briefing meeting with beneficiaries 1 week prior to commencement of the project;
  • Pay Food/Cash for Work (FCW) beneficiaries monthly for the duration of the
  • Ensure skill transfer through rural developmental activities at all times;
  • Monitor and evaluate projects monthly.
Phone: +264 63 221 900/ +264 81 356 6486
Fax: +264 63 223 538
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