The ||Kharas Regional Council (||KRC) derives its mandate from Chapter 12 of the Namibian Constitution, Article 103, and the Regional Council Act, (Act 22 of 1992) which empowers it. ||Kharas Regional Council is mandated to promote socio-economic development in the region as a decentralized institution for the benefit of the inhabitants.

Mission and Vision Statement


Vision Statement

  • To be the preferred region for investors and citizens and live and work in.

Mission Statement

  • To promote, facilitate and coordinate sustainable socio-economic development.


Our Commitment to You
Standards Setting, monitoring and publishing clear standards of service that individual members of the public can reasonably expect
Courtesy and helpfulness Providing a courteous and helpful service which is run to suit the convenience of those entitled to the service: services being provided by public servants who can be identified readily, through wearing name badges, by their customers.
Information Providing information about public services in a straightforward and open manner which is readily understandable.
Consultation and choice Ensuring that there is regular consultation and communication with those who use services and, having taken their views and priorities into account, providing a choice wherever possible.
Accountability Providing details of performance against targets and identifying who is responsible.
Openness / Transparency Disclosing how public services are managed, and the cost and performance of specific services.
Non-discrimination Ensuring that services are available and applied equally to all.
Quality of Service Publicising straightforward complaints procedures with independent reviews where possible. Providing, where errors have been made, an apology, full explanation and early correction of the error.
Value for money Providing efficient and economic public services within affordable resources.
Accessibility Ensure accessibility to public service by accommodating the service needs of our service users


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